Auntie Steph's Doggie Daycare
The Daily Routine. 
6am to 8am - Arrival of my pals. During this time they are free to play inside. PLEASE REMEMBER TO TEXT ME WHEN YOUR ON YOUR WAY.

8am to 10am - Outside Playtimes With Durable & Fun Dog Toys.

10am to 12pm - Nature Walks- 2 miles around the beautiful bogs that surround Auntie Steph's.

12pm to 2pm Basic Manners or Obedience. Incase of an older dog. I'll see if I can teach them a new trick. :-) 

2pm to 4pm Chillaxing - So Auntie can get pictures of todays adventures and fun times up on facebook. Plus make any report cards for those who need them.

3pm to 5pm Go home time. For those waiting to be picked up by mom or dad we will play outside and inside. PLEASE REMEMBER TO TEXT ME WHEN YOU ARE ON YOUR WAY. 

Weather permitting on nature walks and outside play. We can still do plenty inside incase of a rainy day. 

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Have you ever notice when you wake up at a certain time everyday and let your dog out and feed them that they expect you to do the same thing on a daily basis? (even on days you can sleep in)  Or how about when you go to leave the house without them when normally they would go with you and they look at you with big eyes that say (hey what about me)? 

I believe that dogs crave a routine much like kids. They like to know what is going to happen next. Since we can not speak to them as we can our kids. I have created a doggie daycare with a plan. Your dog will have a schedule. This way they feel less stress and more as if they were at home. With a routine. 

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